Help For Allergy Sufferers at CT Urgent Care

A surprisingly large number of people battle seasonal allergies at least once a year, and we at CT Urgent Care Centers want to provide suffers with some useful advice for managing these unwanted woes.

The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology reports that roughly 1 out of every 5 individuals deal with allergies each year, with such disorders representing the sixth most significant reason for chronic illness in the country. In essence, an allergy is an erroneous immune response to foreign substances. Something that is typically harmless, like pollen, stimulates the immune system to fight back as though the substances was actually dangerous to the body. The causes of these reactions are known as allergens. Generally speaking, allergies can be blamed on genetics combined with environmental conditions and exposure to pet dander, plant pollen and the like.

In order to alleviate your worst seasonal allergy complaints, we recommend:

* Being proactive and keeping over-the-counter antihistamines close at hand, taking them before symptoms become unbearable.

* Staying active, as physical exercise often soothes symptoms by way of encouraging the health of the immune system and boosting circulation. Certainly, it is best to undertake such activity indoors, so as to limit exposure to the allergens at issue.

* Taking precautionary measures such as shutting windows to prevent pollen intrusions in the home, changing clothes and showering after coming indoors and taking affirmative steps to minimize exposure to outdoor spaces at midday when pollen levels are always at their highest.

* Staying practical and seeing an urgent care provider when quick relief from allergy symptoms is required.

Individuals who find themselves struggling with serious, even debilitating allergy manifestations are encouraged to seek relief at CT Urgent Care Centers, situated at 136 Berlin Road in Cromwell, CT. Walk-in patients are always welcome and appointments are unnecessary. We also stand prepared to treat sickness and injuries that are not life-threatening in nature.

If you have further questions on the topic of allergies or would like to learn more about our range of services, feel free to visit or call us at 860-378-8585.