It goes without saying that maintaining a healthy, productive, and safe workforce is of the utmost importance. It is equally important to Connecticut Urgent Care. Connecticut Urgent Care’s employee physicals have been designed to help you promote the best possible health and wellness throughout your workplace.

Even though people tend to put it off and put it off some more, getting an annual physical exam is one of the best things many adults can do for themselves. A comprehensive exam is able to help screen for potential illnesses. If one is identified, it can be treated early on, providing a better chance for disease control and avoiding complications. Many people aren’t aware anything is wrong with them until it’s too late because they never bother getting exams.

Of course, if you already have an illness or condition such as diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, or endocrine and thyroid problems, regular exams can help monitor how well you’re managing your disease at any given time. Connecticut Urgent Care’s providers can help educate you on any of these problems, as well as help you understand risk factors for further complications that might affect you.

Physical exams may also be mandatory before you’re hired for a new job or return to work after a leave of absence.

Some of Connecticut Urgent Care’s available exams include:

Department of Transportation (DOT)

DOT exams are federally required. They help detect any medical, physical, or emotional problems that may get in the way of safely performing the demanding job of a Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) driver.


Fitness for Duty Exam

Fitness for duty exams ensure that an employee can physically fulfill all required job tasks assigned to them.  When an employer is concerned that an employee is impaired by a medical condition, or the condition of an employee may pose a threat to the safety of others due to a medical condition, the employer may request a Fitness for Duty Exam.


Pre-Employment Physical Exam

Of course, a pre-employment physical is done during the hiring process. Potential employees must pass in order to become eligible for hire.  This is a type of Fitness for Duty exam done prior to starting a new job.