What is “Chain of Custody Testing”?

Drug testing is an integral part of the hiring process and a way to maintain the safety of everyone in the workplace. We are aware that employers want efficient, accurate results that are delivered in a speedy manner.

The purpose of a chain-of-custody form is to document the storage and handling of urine samples from the point when they are collected until they reach the lab. This creates a link between donors and their samples. This is written proof of what happened each step of the way.

There are many drug testing options available, which can meet the needs of any employer. Those who regulate your company and the drug-free policy that is in place help determine which drugs people should be tested for. The five drugs that are generally abused (NIDA-5 panel) are cocaine, amphetamines, marijuana, phencyclidine and opiates. There are also tests that screen for methaqualone, barbiturates, methadone, benzodiazepines and propoxyphene.


Common Screenings Offered:

DOT Drug Screening – Our staff if qualified to perform DOT drug tests. DOT standards are used to ensure that the most accurate results are given.

Pre-Employment Drug Testing – We offer 5 & 10 panel instant urine drugs tests in addition to hair tests. The results are given to employers instantly and securely. We are also open to use any lab of chain-of-custody the employer prefers to perform traditional instant drug testing.


We are available for post-accident, reasonable suspicion and random testing. If your company requires a large number of random drug screens, we will be happy to have someone come on-site to assist.


We also offer walk-ins for non-employer, individual testing.


For efficient, speedy drug tests that give employers all of the results that are required in the workplace, turn to CT Urgent Care Centers today!