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Even though National Influenza Week is over, Connecticut Urgent Care Centers reminds employers that vaccinating employees is still vital to maintaining a healthy staff this Flu season.


During National Influenza Vaccination Week (December 6-12) healthcare providers are encouraged to take time out to educate individuals and local communities about the dangers and complications of the flu. Understanding just how serious this virus is, Connecticut Urgent Care Centers actively participates in this event, to help further prevent the spread of flu in Cromwell and surrounding communities.

Education includes providing residents and employers with some rather sobering facts, like:

· Flu kills more than 36,000 people every year
· Flu is responsible for the loss of over 11 million workdays and more than $7 million to businesses

CTUC Medical Director, Dr. Rich Greiner, says,”It’s easy to understand how costly the flu can be for business owners and communities, and to understand what the CDC means when they say that healthier employees often equate to healthier bottom lines.”

While steps to prevent the flu, like practicing proper hand washing techniques, and avoiding contact with family, friends, and co-workers exhibiting flu-like symptoms are important, the clinicians and physicians of Connecticut Urgent Care Centers point out that the best way to prevent the flu is with one of their affordable flu shots. With this simple, preventative measure, local business owners can vastly lower the costs associated with loss of productivity due to employee illness.

To further help employers, Connecticut Urgent Care centers offers extended night and weekend hours, convenient location, and minimal wait times, as well as additional services, like flu testing and treatment.

For more information about Connecticut Urgent Care Centers, including details about their affordable flu shots and additional occupational medicine services, please visit us at or call us today at 860-378-8585.

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