New Hire Physicals

More companies these days are requiring potential employees to have pre-employment, or new hire physicals. Some of the exams are related to the nature of the job the person is interviewing for. For example, some potential workers may be examined to verify that they are in good physical shape and can perform physically demanding jobs.

These exams help to protect employees from becoming injured on the job, and protect companies as well against work-related lawsuits due to injuries that may have been prevented if the employee had been in in good physical shape to begin with.

Employers can only legally request a pre-employment physical exam after offering a job to someone. This helps to ensure that there won’t be any discrimination issues comes up. It also makes it more worth it for a potential worker to have to be momentarily inconvenienced by having to go to a pre-employment exam given when he or she has been offered a job.

Basic Checkup
The starting point of a pre-employment physical exam is measuring your vital signs. Next you will answer several questions about any supplements or medications you may be taking. There are some nutritional supplements and drugs that may cause nausea, drowsiness and other side effects that can be potentially dangerous. If you will be performing a dangerous job or operating machinery, it can potentially be a job hazard if you are not fully awake.

If you are being hired for a job that is considered to be high stress, the employer may want to be aware of how you manage pressure. Your doctor may ask questions about how you cope with stress, changes in behavior and mood, and depression symptoms.

Drug and Alcohol Tests
It is becoming standard for many companies to require drug and alcohol tests to get hired for a job with them. Drug and alcohol tests are particularly important in jobs involving high risk, such as when employees are handling heavy or dangerous equipment. Someone being intoxicated in this position can not only cause personal harm, but could also harm property and other people as well.

There are several different ways that drug and alcohol tests can be performed. Urine tests, blood tests, breathalyzers, hair tests and sometimes mouth swaps are some of the major options that are available. The method that is selected will depend on how fast the employer needs results and what he is looking for.

Physical Examination
Your doctor will give you a basic checkup and also check on your pupil dilation, hearing issues, respiratory function, heart health, joint health, range of motion and reflexes. These basic checks all provide your doctor with a more accurate idea regarding the status of your health.

In addition, the doctor will make note of any swelling, pain or discomfort you are experiencing currently, and also ask questions about when it started and if you know what may have caused it.

Keep in mind when agreeing to a pre-employment exam that the specific tests that are done may change based on:

– Your age
– Your sex
– Current illnesses or health conditions you are currently dealing with.
– Any previous injuries, accidents or conditions that you report during your interview.

The Results
After the exam is done, a report will be issued by the doctor that shows what your health status currently is. He or she may recommend vaccinations, prescriptions or blood tests

At CT Urgent Care Centers, our main goal is to fulfill your employer’s request for a pre-employment exam. That way you will be able to begin your new job quickly. We also want to ensure that you are made aware of any health issues or medical conditions, so that you can stay safe and return to an optimal state of health.