Return to Work Exams

Your physical condition and job title determine whether your employer considers fitness for duty exams mandatory. Should your physical condition have the possibility of impairing your overall ability to perform at your assigned job, the employer will likely require a fitness for duty examination before you are allowed to return for work. In general terms, fitness for duty (or return to work) exams look at both the physical and psychological aspects of a person’s current condition.

Should both of those aspects be considered ideal after the results of the return to work exam are in, then of course your work can continue. The tests are generally required after an employee has to take a leave of absence due to a serious accident or other personal issues. Employers also tend to require them merely as precautionary measures – whether they want to give employees the benefit of the doubt or not. It’s important to protect from situations such as forklift drivers improperly handling controls or hurting themselves (or others) even further.

CT Urgent Care is sympathetic to the needs of anyone that’s hoping to get back to work. In effort to help employees get the seal of approval for returning, there are several physical exam services provided:

Return to Work: This is a brief and focused exam that determines if an employee can return to work safely after a non-work related leave of absence.

Fitness for Duty: This exam is also brief. It also helps determine if an employee is able to return to work – with the added benefit of a fully detailed write-up and medical report, as well as coverage for work-related incidents.

Medical Surveillance: This is an OSHA mandated physical examination that looks at employees that were exposed to any harmful materials in the workplace. The test can be done periodically to insure safety.