No matter what age a child is, he or she will greatly benefit from participating in sports activities. Children learn a variety of life skills including team work, managing time, competition, social skills and conflict resolution by participating in sports. While the exercise is good for children they should always have a pre-participation evaluation before they begin a new sport.


Why Sports Physicals Are a Must for Students
Prior to the start of any athletic season, a routine sports physical is very important. Such an exam can diagnose any pre-existing or life threatening conditions and they are a good idea to help keep athletes of all ages in shape.

The doctor will examine the athlete’s medical history and their physical condition by asking a few questions and giving them a few simple tests. Through this information a doctor can decide if the athlete is healthy enough to be active in sports. The doctor will check vital signs and the student’s coordination. He will do an exam of the face, neck, mouth and skin. They will determine if the student is at risk for any other medical conditions. The staff at CT Urgent Care Centers want students in the local area to be safe when participating in sports. Here are the issues that will be checked when a student is examined here:

• History of family and sudden death.
• Allergies
• Previous Injuries
• Any Medications being taken.
• Coordination
• Chronic conditions such as epilepsy, diabetes, asthma etc.
• Vitals such as pulse and blood pressure.
Heart Murmurs.
• Vision
• Lung Functioning
• Flexibility and muscle strength.
• Posture


Athletes should always get a sports exam annually and before taking part in any vigorous activities whether organized or unorganized. It should also be noted that many school districts require students to have a current physical on file.


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