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January is Winter Sports Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Awareness Month!

Throughout the month of January, every year, The Johnny OTM Foundation, The CDC, sports clubs, and local healthcare providers, like Connecticut Urgent Care Centers work to raise awareness about the health risks commonly linked with participation in winter sports, particularly concussions and other traumatic brain injuries.

The mission of this campaign is to educate Americans about the increasing issues tied to Traumatic Brain Injuries, and also help improve safety and reduce the number of injuries experienced each year in athletes of all ages and skill levels.

This group of clubs, physicians, and organizations continually work with athletes, both professionals and amateurs – including those in the NFL, US Ski and Snowboarding Association, USA Hockey, and more – to develop educational materials that are used to build awareness in players, coaches, parents, and the public at large about one of the most common winter sport injuries: concussions.

While all winter sport injuries should be taken seriously, concussions are especially serious, because they have the potential to cause long-term and/ or permanent health issues.

The physicians and clinicians at Connecticut Urgent Care Centers want to remind you and any loved ones that choose to participate in winter sports to take precautions to prevent injuries during play by following these tips:

  • Wear approved, properly-fitted protective equipment – particularly helmets.
  • Make sure all protective equipment is properly maintained and promptly replace any items that are damaged or broken.
  • Practice safe playing techniques and follow all rules of play during any winter sport activity.

We also recommend following the CDC’s protocols if a head injury takes place, or is suspected:

1. Remove athlete from play

2. Ensure a thorough evaluation by a health care professional, like those at Connecticut Urgent Care Centers.

3. Inform parents, guardians, or care givers about the possible concussion and educate them on next steps and follow up procedures.

4. Do not allow the athlete to return to play until cleared by a health care professional.

If you plan on participating in any winter sports, Connecticut Urgent Care Centers encourage you to play safely, and remember that injuries are easily preventable.

To learn more about concussion and other injury treatment options at Connecticut Urgent Care Centers, call us today at 860-378-8585 or email us today at

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